Sunday 24 November 2013

10 minute BUMS & TUMS blast you can do at home

Everyone seems to have a fitness circle (AKA ‘magic circle’) at home but never seems to use it.  And if you don’t have one, buy one, because they really are magic!  You can use them for so many different stretches and exercises.  
Here are 3 of my favorite to target your bum and tim!

1.Inner thigh squeezes with abdominal crunch

-        Lying on your back, imprinted spine (see note below) and legs in tabletop position.  Place the circle between your knees.

      NOTE: To find an imprinted spine position – use your core obliques to tilt your pelvis under ever so slightly. Think of your pelvis tilting back towards your rib-cage. Do not squeeze your bum. This is a stabilizing position so use your core, deep abdominal muscles.

-       Squeeze your knees together on the exhale and Inhale to release.  Repeat for 20 counts. 
-       Then, maintaining a squeeze on the ring, place your hands by your temples, exhale and crunch your upper body up towards your knees
NOTE: Be careful not to jam your chin to your chest – keep looking at the top of your knees.

-       Inhale to release your head and shoulders back down to the mat.  Repeat for another 20 counts.

2. Glute (Bum) Bridges

-       Lying on your back, knees bent with fitness circle placed on the outside of your knees.

-       Engage your core abdominals, squeeze your bum tight and lift your hips up towards the ceiling. 
           NOTE: do not let your rib cage pop

-       Hold at the top and squeeze your knees out against the ring – try and break it! Continue to hold and squeezing for 2 minutes. 
-       Then add in a small pulse, up and down an inch with your hips for 2 minutes, then hold it at the top again for 2 minutes and really try and break the ring!
3. Lower abdominal leg lifts 

-       Lying on your back, lift your legs straight up towards the ceiling.  Place the fitness circle on the outside of your ankles. 
-       Engage your core abdominals and imprint your spine. Inhale to prepare, exhale, slowly start to lower your legs on the diagonal.
      NOTE: Try not to let your lower back arch of the mat. If you feel your back strain, don’t lower your legs so much.
-       Inhale to hold it and exhale slowly bring the legs back up over your hips. 
Repeat for 20 counts with a 10 second hold at the end when your legs are lowered.

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