Wednesday, 18 June 2014

GUEST BLOG: 3 Tips for your dream ‘perky’ booty & 20% off all beauty & massage treatments at DUO, Chelsea

You jog, attend aerobic classes and do butt squeezes during ‘Desperate Housewives’ and yet your ass looks distinctly “upset” as oppose to “perky”.
Women of the world can be united in the common dream of possessing a round firm butt as well as Brad Pitt on delivery.
Their reasoning is mostly aesthetic but it should be noted that training to create fully functioning gluteals improves performance as well as potentially improving injury prevention. Let us focus on the aesthetics for now.

Below are 3 tips to a Kick-ass derriere  

Get connected 

You cannot 'firm-up' what you do not contract. Due to sitting down for long periods of time we have lost a strong neural connection to our “money-makers”. 

If you want an ass that does not quit you first have to get it to work.

Simply start contracting your butt whenever you can – at the office, walking up steps, hanging out with friends, during meetings, watching episodes of Breaking Bad and most importantly of all, during exercise. 

Take the A-Team Challenge: A is for ass 

When you can contract your butt cheeks at will, individually and to the theme tune of The A-Team, like most men can contract their chest or bicep muscles, you are very close to the promise land. 

Exercise your ass off...I mean ON!

Split squats, step-ups, hip bridges and hip thrusts are fantastic for the glutes. This is not a technique based article and plus I am a little fatigued from all the butt clenches I’ve been doing whilst writing this article so no in depth explanation, but here are a few videos to get you started.

Stretch, contract and repeat

When the glutes are in a stretched position, for instance at the lowest position during a squat, split squat, step up and deadlift it is prime time to contract the glutes. 

The more you stretch a muscle the more you can contract it.  

This is why it is so important to perform good technique with full range of motion. 

Ass of an athlete, but which one?

Sprinting is intense, productive and creates an ass you can be proud of. Frequent jogging for long periods of time is ludicrously pointless and time consuming. If you jog on a treadmill the situation is made even worse. The butts of amateur joggers are in general heart shaped.

To add the proverbial cherry on the cake, endurance training lowers T3 acutely and chronically possibly leading to less energy and increased fat storage.

Walk, run, sprint or push a sled but leave jogging for somebody else. 

A rule of thumb when running is: if you can go longer than 20min than it is not intense enough. 
1.    Get connected to your butt. Learn to contract the muscles that you want to work.
2.    Contract glutes in a stretched position during exercise and use full range of motion.
3.    Don’t waste time with long distance jogging. Use shorter intervals of training with runs, sprints and sled work

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