Thursday, 15 May 2014


This amazing sunshine is making me dream of summer holidays….sun…..beaches…sea….swimming…BBQ's….ice creams….reading….eeeeeek and the thought of getting into a bikini could be a little daunting!  Why not start toning your body with a few of my bum and tum exercises below and of course spoil yourself with a gorgeous new bikini!  Here are a few of my favourite from Varley ….


VARLEY is a luxe beachwear label that was launched in 2012 by Ben Mead and Lara Parkin. The range features fashion forward bikinis, one piece swimsuits alongside elegant beachwear cover-ups all featuring signature VARLEY detailing in exclusive prints and trend-led block colours. The collection is made to mix and match shapes, styles and size. 

Glute Bridges (with a fitness circle)

o   Lying on your back, knees bent with fitness circle placed on the outside of your knees.
o   Engage your core abdominals, squeeze your bum tight and lift your hips up towards the ceiling. 
NOTE: do not let your rib cage pop
o   Hold at the top and squeeze your knees out against the ring – try and break it! Continue to hold and squeezing for 2 minutes. 

o   Then add in a small pulse, up and down an inch with your hips for 2 minutes, then hold it at the top again for 2 minutes and really try and break the ring!

Leg lift & lower

o   Get onto all fours with your knees under your hips and hands under shoulders.
NOTE: draw your belly button up towards the ceiling to support your lower back throughout the whole exercise
o   Stabalise your shoulders by pushing your chest away from your hands and squeezing the little muscle under your armpits.
o   Extend one leg behind you with your foot pointed and lift the leg just above hip height by squeezing your bum.
NOTE: think about lifting your knee before your foot.
o    Lower the leg back down slowly and controlled.  Continue to lift and lower for 20 reps. 
o   On the final one, lift your leg up to the top point, flex your foot and pulse your heel up towards the ceiling for 20 counts.  Alternate legs.

Lower abdominals leg lifts

o   Lying on your back, lift your legs straight up towards the ceiling.  Place the fitness circle on the outside of your ankles (can be done without the fitness circle). 
o   Engage your core abdominals and imprint your spine. Inhale to prepare, exhale, slowly start to lower your legs on the diagonal.
NOTE: Try not to let your lower back arch of the mat. If you feel your back strain, don’t lower your legs so much.
o   Inhale to hold it and exhale slowly bring the legs back up over your hips. 
o   Repeat for 20 counts with a 10 second hold at the end when your legs are lowered.

Side Plank

o   Start sitting sideways with your legs bent.
o   Place your supporting forearm onto the mat with your elbow underneath your shoulder. Lift your top hand up towards the ceiling.

NOTE: Before coming up into the side plank, draw your core in, squeeze your bum and draw your shoulders away from your ears.

o   Lift into the side plank and hold for 30 seconds. Alternate sides.

Advanced Side Plank
o   Once into the side plank position, lift the top leg up to the ceiling.

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