Friday, 24 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Health tips from expert health, beauty and nutrition consultant Karen Cummings-Palmer

February is the new January, the very start of the year is really more about ending, habits, thoughts and relationships that no longer support us.  A few weeks in and we can begin embracing better, healthier ways of being.

All this talk of detoxing leaves me a little cold.  Mid winter in England is not the time to adopt extreme diets when the body craves warmth and comfort, it is however a great time to introduce some cleansing foods, supplements and drinks.  Our body needs to do a little detoxing everyday, but save the raw food or fasting for warmer weather, when we need fewer calories and the sun is boosting our vitamin D and therefore 'feel good' levels.

I'm all about crowding out the bad stuff by adding in the good.  It is much easier to persuade a client to drink more water than it is to get them to drink less soda - there is only so much anybody can consume in a day so work harder at eating more greens than cutting out the fries.  As your taste buds begin to change so will your habits - it's easier to win when it's harder to fail.  

Talking of soda - a word about the whole sugar debate.  Refined sugar is the one thing I do encourage my clients to reduce dramatically - it is ageing, inflaming and fattening.  If there is a food enemy it is the sweet stuff.  But my clients are already interested and invested in optimum health.  I think it is unwise to tell a sugar addicted nation that juice and soda are equally bad for our health - whilst juice is not the super healthy option everyone thought it was and it may be packed with sugar at least it is natural sugar and it contains some Vitamin C!  

Whilst food is the most important component when it comes to good health, exercise is key and we need to take a note from Nike and "just do it!"  Whether it is 10 minutes in your bedroom before work or scheduling (and vitally) paying for pilates, bar or spin classes we all need to stop thinking of it as a chore and start making it a ritual, when it enters what I call our 'soft DNA' it becomes effortless.

I think the first step to changing ones health is changing ones mind, we must re-frame our definition of comfort food and start craving food that fuels us - that's the first step to sustainable, attainable health.

Karen is sipping her anti-inflammatory, immune boosting Super Cider tonic

1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric
1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of Manuka + 15 honey
A squeeze of lemon juice 
All Topped up with hot (not boiling water)  for bespoke wellness packages

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